Wang 300 calculator system

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 01.16

wang 300
The Wang 300 multi-user calculator (1965) included an electronics box (background in the picture) and one or more desktop units with a keyboard and a numerical display. Multiplication and division were implemented using logarithms, the transistor-efficient calculation of which was based on a 1964 Wang patent. It could be programmed with punched cards which were read by a 'toaster' without any moving parts (punched holes were detected by small contact springs, one for each possible hole position). A printer (not shown) was also part of the configuration.
In 1965, the calculator, probably in a basic configuration, was priced at US$ 1700.
Click here for a close-up of one of the five user terminals.

This calculator was donated by Mr. F.G. Smakman. Unfortunately the documentation is missing, and we have not yet been able to restore the instrument to a reliably operational condition.
Part of the above information was taken from Eric A. Weiss: An Wang 1920-1990, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 15(1993) pp 60 ff.