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The Computer Museum was founded in 1991 by Edo Dooijes. The emphasis of its collection is on technical and scientific electronic computing equipment, illustrating the progress in computer technology and its use from World War II to the present day.
In order to show how scientific computing was done in the pre-computer era, the collection includes mechanical, electromechanical and electronic calculators, slide rules and table-books.
Accounting machines, home and game computers are beyond the scope of this museum, except when serving the stated purpose.
Many of the machines are in working order, equipped with original system and application software and fully documented.
In our Data Atelier we can read, on request, data from outdated media like punched cards, papertape, and a variety of magnetic storage media, using the original peripheral devices. (We are not equipped however for retrieving data from media diagnosed as broken, crashed, or with unidentifiable coding).

The Computer Museum comes under the Special Collections department of the University of Amsterdam.

The collection will be shown and demonstrated on written request (by t.r.walstra(-at-) Unfortunately we cannot schedule visits on short term because the staff members are active employees of the university. We place interested people on a list and schedule a visiting date once a month Exceptions are made for scientists and university students. Maximum group size is approximately 10-15; duration of the guided tour 0.5 to 1 hours. Language is Dutch, English or German.
The next possible visit is not yet scheduled.
In general we are NOT interested in offers of old computers like Atari, Commodore 64, old Personal Computers and printers, scanners or books/magazines. However, we are interested in special computers which are not listed in our inventory (see below). We do NOT have a budget for acquisition. If you have something on offer, please send a picture with details. Toto van Inge
Henk Peek
Edwin Steffens
Taco Walstra (curator)

For visits send a request to: computermuseum(-at-)
Computer Museum
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904, Room B0157a
1098XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 26, 2017