The Best of Basicode 5

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 239263

This is an audio compact disc, containing 50 of the Basic programs which were broadcast by the Dutch public radio during the 1980's. For decoding the signals you had to connect the radio receiver's audio output to the cassette tape input of the computer. A special version of Basic (Basicode) was used, suited for a wide range of home computers.
The CD is very special, as the two stereo channels contain separate Basicode signals.
Here is a short (incomplete) audio sample:

We have written a program, running on any modern computer, for translating the audio signals on this CD (after being stored in the computer as WAVE files) into Basicode text.

This CD was donated by Hans G. Janssen, editor-in-chief of Hobbyscoop, who died 2003 at the age of only 63 years.