The Best of Basicode 5

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 239263

This is an audio compact disc, containing 60 of the Basic programs which were broadcast by the Dutch public radio (NOS) during the 1980's. For decoding the signals you had to connect the radio receiver's audio output to the cassette tape input of the computer. By means of a computer-dependent 'converter' program, NOS-Basicode could be run on a wide range of home computers.
The CD is very special, as the two stereo channels contain separate Basicode signals. The 60 programs, each about 20 kB of ASCII-coded Basic, take most of the capacity of this audio-CD (70 min playing time). Note that a physically similar CD-ROM can hold at least 600 MB of digital data.
Here is a short (incomplete) audio sample:

On this page is explained how to unpack and run the various programs.
This CD was donated by Hans G. Janssen (†2003), formerly editor-in-chief of Hobbyscoop.