Agfa-Matrix film recorder

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 13.06

The Agfa-Matrix*) PCR is a device for producing computer designed 35 mm colour slides of high resolution (2048*1366 or 4096*2732 pixels, software selectable).
The PCR receives image data from the host computer through an IEEE488 (GPIB) cable connection. The image data are separated by a built-in microprocessor into three sets of 8-bits red, green and blue pixel component values. These sets are passed in turn to a monochrome raster-scan CRT (item 2 in the picture) which translates each component value into a shade of gray. The three resulting CRT images are combined as they illuminate in turn the film in a standard SLR (single-lens reflex) camera body (4), after passing through the appropriate colour filter (R,G or B). The filters are mounted in a filter wheel (3) which is positioned by the microcomputer.

*) Matrix (USA), developer of this instrunent, was acquired by Agfa (Belgium) in 1988.
The picture was taken from the PCR Instruction and Service Manual.
Our PCR was donated by Mr. Hans Höcker, formerly at Energie Centrum Nederland (ECN) in Petten. The instrument was primarily used at ECN for making presentation slides. It was very soon superseded by beamer-based presentation equipment. August, 2013