Friden Justowriter

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 10.07

The Justowriter, a technically complex cousin of the Flexowriter, made it possible to type typographically justified text. Both machines, and a range of electro-mechanical calculators were manufactured in the large - more than 600 employees - Friden plant in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from 1955 to 1965.
A Justowriter, as shown and described in the 1957 Friden catalogue, was donated by the heirs of Mr. J.W. Melssen, at one time a technician at the Friden (later Singer) plant in Nijmegen. Mr. Melssen also left us a set of user's and service manuals for the Flexowriter and Justowriter, as well as a complement of special tools and spare parts.
rev June, 2015