IBM 1050 Data Communications System

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 05.03

The IBM 1050 system (1962) is one of the earliest computer terminals, or systems for remote data-exchange (teleprocessing).
It was available in various combinations, all of which included the 1051 Central Control Unit. Additionally, one or more of the following could be added tot the system: a printer-keyboard (with a printing mechanism based on the Selectric typewriter, and electrically coupled keyboard); a printer, papertape reader en punch, card reader and punch, programmed keyboard.
Communication with the computer or with other 1050 units was serially, half-duplex, 75 or 150 bits per second. The necessary data set (modem) was external to the 1050, which only provided an IBM Line Adapter.
The 1050 in our collection has the minimum configuration of 1051 CCU plus printer-keyboard. We have a complete set of user's manuals and technical documentation, for all of the (in 1962) available system components.
The picture of the 1050 system in our configuration was taken from the IBM 1050 Reference Digest, A24-3020-4.
The 1050 terminal, together with its manuals were donated by Mr. Koos Molendijk of Sassenheim (The Netherlands).