IBM 3741 Data Station

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 02.49

ibm 1050
The introduction by IBM of the Data Station, in 1973, made it clear that the end of the punched card era was coming.
The Data Station was designed to eliminate keypunch equipment like the IBM Model 129, using the newly invented diskette (floppy disk) as storage medium. Indeed, the Data Station was the first IBM product to use read-write diskettes. These single-sided diskettes were 8 inches in diameter, with 77 tracks, soft sectoring, and room for 240 kB (equivalent to about 3000 punched cards).
Other novelties of the Data Station were that you could see what you were doing by looking at a CRT screen, visible in the opening at the left through a mirror, and that you could make corrections.

Our Data Station was found in the basement of the Amsterdam University Library. It has never been used.
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