Leaf Lumina digital camera

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 10.22

The Leaf Lumina (Leaf Systems, USA 1994) is a digital scanning camera. A one-dimensional CCD sensor, containing 2700 RGB elements arranged in three lines, is stepwise moved over the image plane, resulting in an 2700*3400 pixel image, with 36 bits per pixel. The 12-bit capture value for each colour is normally mapped to one byte (8 bits) within the camera, or else mapped to two bytes for special applications.
The scanning process takes up to 26 seconds: clearly the camera is mainly useful for reproduction work and digitizing slides. For the latter purpose a Slide Illuminator is provided.
The camera has a Nikon bayonet lens mount, and a through-the-lens viewfinder; it weighs 2 kg (without lens).
The Leaf Lumina can be connected to a 68030 Macintosh or 80386 PC through a SCSI cable. At the computer side no special hardware is necessary. For the Mac, a Photoshop software plug-in is available.
The picture (taken from the user's guide) shows the Lumina camera mounted on the Slide Illuminator.

Our Leaf Lumina, with slide illuminator, software and manuals, was donated by the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden (Dutch National Museum of Antiquities), Leiden.
August, 2013