Olivetti P101 delay line memory

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 04.51

P101 delay line
This memory device has been used in an Olivetti Programma 101 electronic calculator (around 1970). Dimensions 17 * 19 cm, 2 cm high (including top cover). The cover was removed for this picture.
The coiled wire about 640 cm long. Comparing this to the data of a similar delay line (Tyco) with known characteristics, the capacity can be estimated to be about 2200 bits. However the storage room needed by the P101 can be estimated from the machine's description to be no more than 1000 bits. This discrepancy is explained by the fact each information bit pattern has to be preceded by a lead-in pattern for synchronization. Also the clock may have been slower than in the Tyco device.
An explanation of the delay line's operation is provided on a separate page.