Apple Quicktake 200 digital camera

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 10.15

photo taken with Apple iPhone 7 (2017)

The QuickTake 200 (1997) was, together with its predecessors QT100 (1994) and QT150 (1995), among the first digital cameras for the consumer market. It could produce images of 640*480 pixels in 24 bits color.

The QT200 works with 5 Volt SmartMedia memory cards. The CameraMate card reader shown below is suitable for this voltage (it can also read the later SmartMedia 3.3 Volt cards).

Microtech USB CameraMate reader [CM 10.16] and some 2 MB SmartMedia cards

Reference: Wikipedia.
The camera was donated by Andrew Zamler-Carhart from Paris.