INCOSY SBS 8000 microcomputer

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 01.58

sbs 8000
This SBS (Small Business System) 8000 computer was produced about 1980 in Fribourg, Switzerland. It uses a Zilog Z80A processor.
The computer runs built-in BASIC (24 kb ROM) or CP/M, in the latter case using up to four external 184 kb floppy disk drives (the unit shown accomodates two drives). The 12" video display can show 16 lines of 32 or 64 characters, or graphics with 128 * 96 picture elements.
There are slots for up to five SBS8000-specific option cards among which a Centronix printer interface; IEEE488, RS232 and current loop interfaces; diskette drive and hard disk drive interfaces.

The SBS computer was donated by Mr. R. Kelder of ERKA Advies, Mijdrecht, The Netherlands.