TAB 132/15G graphics terminal

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 97.39

This monochrome graphics terminal of TAB Products, California, is a DEC VT52/VT100/VT132 compatible alphanumeric terminal (TAB 132/15), factory-fitted with additional hardware for Tektronix 4010 emulation. Also the terminal understands a selection of Tektronix 4027 commands. It has area fill, arc drawing and selective erase capability. The display is 15 inch, with 420*560 pixels (50Hz).
A number of these machines were used in the early 1980's in the Computer Graphics student lab of the University of Amsterdam. A special graphics software package was written by E.H. Dooijes.
After years of heavy use, the terminals were replaced by stand-alone IBM PS/2-50 personal computers with 8514 colour graphics, made available by IBM.