Tektronix 4002A graphics terminal

UvA Computer Museum catalogue nr 02.33

tektronix 4002a
tektronix 4002a
tektronix 4002a
The 4002A (introduced 1969) was the first graphics terminal made by Tektronix, the precursor of the 4010 family of terminals.
The heart of the 4002A is a modified 611 display monitor. Beneath the 611 (behind the detachable keyboard) is a drawer containing vector and character generators, and communications hardware.
The middle picture shows one of the many intriguing timing diagrams from the hardware manual. The lower picture is an exploded view of the drawer unit.

The Tektronix 4002A was donated by Mr. Meeuwisse, Voorburg, The Netherlands. After a long stay in a basement, a major cleaning and preservation operation was due. According to information by Mr. W. Meyer, a former Tektronix employee, only 3 4002A's were installed in the Netherlands. The price of an 4002A was about 50.000 Dfl, the price of a decent appartment.
The "4002A Drawer Unit and Keyboard Maintenance" manual was donated by Mr. John Apperson (USA), who used the 4002A for developing his CadStd software package. Other parts of the documentation set (in particular, the programming manual) are still missing.